Now We Know How Ryan Reynolds Folds His Denim Underwear

Photo: Matthew Eisman/Getty Images.
Occasionally, the news can make us laugh, and this is one of those stories. Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter today to discuss how he folds his denim underwear. Yep.
He retweeted a photo posted by his noted frenemy Hugh Jackman, which is a photo of a top hat lying upside down on its crown. "The proper way to 'rest' your (top) hat is like this ... so your luck doesn't run out," Jackman captioned the photo. Reynolds added, "I do this with my denim underwear. Nothing to do with luck. It's just good to rest them once in a while."
First of all, we now know that Ryan Reynolds wears denim underwear. Obviously, this raises the next question: What is the deal with denim underwear? How is that comfortable? Wouldn't that chafe the Deadpool star's very, uh, sensitive skin?
A quick search on Amazon, purveyor of every single thing that a human may need, yields conflicting results. There's a lot of masculine underwear that is printed to look like denim, but is still made of a stretch cotton spandex blend. This pair features printed denim distressing. These underwear take it a step further with printed back pockets and frontal whiskering. Yet both pairs are still made of cotton.
In any case, laying his questionable, probably-not-denim underwear flat to dry is the best way to care for denim. There's some debate about whether or not to wash your premium denim jeans, but underwear should be cleaned very often. We imagine laundry day in his house to look like piles of wet denim-printed boxer briefs strewn all over every flat surface. Hope he uses a fancy fabric softener.
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