This Insane Jurassic Park Theory Has Us Shook

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As we all patiently wait for Chris Pratt to take down some dinos in the sequel to Jurassic World, a fan theory has come to light that may make you rethink everything you assumed about the original franchise: Are the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park even real? Prepare to be shook.
According to Cracked, which circulated this theory in a video posted on Sunday, the mastermind behind the concept is Redditor Brownra04, who posted about it in February of 2013.
In simplest terms, the theory suggests that the "dinosaurs" created for Jurassic Park weren't actually brought to life with discovered dino DNA from mosquitos preserved in amber. Instead, the dinosaurs we see aren't so much dinosaurs as they are a compilation of different animals — a genetic mix designed to look how the average person might assume a creature from the Jurassic Period looks.
Remember how Ross Gellar insisted that Jurassic Park could never happen? Well, in this case, he's actually right: The DNA of the dinosaurs would have degraded by the time the park was even close to opening, and the odds of finding just one species in a particular mosquito is next to impossible. Many fans know this already, of course — there's a reason no one has tapped into the Brachiosaurus-as-pets market — but what if the creator of Jurassic Park also knew the science was BS?
One cool thing about this theory? It means that you don't actually have to suspend your disbelief that much while watching the movie. Get rid of the "DNA in amber" bit, and the science behind Jurassic Park isn't completely bonkers — even if we're not quite there in terms of creating our own dino-like genetic hybrids.
Now, if only we could figure out why Bryce Dallas Howard had to wear heels for her job in Jurassic World...

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