Riverdale's Camila Mendes Wants To Play A Superhero & The Internet Already Has The Perfect One

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Season 2 of Riverdale is just around the corner, but already star Camila Mendes is thinking about her next project — and it's exactly what the internet wants for her.
The actress, who studied at NYU before scoring her breakout role as Veronica Lodge on The CW drama, spoke with People Chica about what might be on the horizon for her career-wise, and it sounds like Mendes could be shopping for capes in the future.
"I would love for my next project to be a well-written, character-driven indie. Something intimate, low budget, and completely different from the well-oiled machine of network television," Mendes told the outlet. "But I’d also love to play a superhero in a big feature – so honestly, anything goes!"
Obviously, Mendes doesn't have a superhero role on deck yet — but, if fans controlled the casting process, she would already have one part in the bag. After Joss Whedon's Batgirl movie was announced, Mendes' name kept creeping up in tweets and even Entertainment Weekly's poll of awesome candidates. It certainly sounds like a gig that Mendes would crush: The actress would play Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Commissioner Gordon, who moonlights as Batgirl in order to cut crime down in Gotham.
"Was inspired by @gibsoncomics sketch of @CamilaMendes as Batgirl and had to do my own. She'd be perfect! #riverdale #batgirl," wrote one fan on Twitter.
"How do I go about starting the campaign for @CamilaMendes to play Batgirl? #CamiForBabs," inquired another.
"@CamilaMendes would be perfect as Batgirl in the upcoming movie," approved a fan.
One even asked Joss Whedon to make his move:
"Hey @joss you should cast @CamilaMendes as Batgirl! Just saying she'd kill it."
Clearly, this star isn't going anywhere — and neither are superhero movies. Should she score Batgirl or not, I'm sure there's a role of a crimefighter somewhere in her Hollywood future.

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