Let’s Get Tormund A Flower Crown Because The Man Is A Lover, Not A Fighter

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Tormund Giantsbane has been a blessedly lighthearted character, in a show filled with very sad, brooding people. Watching him make bedroom eyes at Brienne of Tarth reminds us of our first high school crush — bumbling, awkward, but totally adorable. Tormund just wants to pick flowers in the meadow with Brienne. He wants to pack her sandwiches and wine and have a cute picnic on a blanket at a park.
He's also a fierce wildling warrior. As the de facto leader of the Free Folk, he's made some unpopular decisions in order to ensure their safety, like resettling them south of the Wall. But his rambunctious personality always shines through, even when he's battling White Walkers. He's always a joy to watch on screen.
Norwegian actor Kristofer Hivju brings Tormund to life in Game of Thrones. He spoke with Variety about his role as the happiest wildling, who may or may not had a lover called Sheila the Bear.
"Tormund has a very healthy brain!" says Hivju. "He is an optimist, after all, and that’s something that I love about him as well. Even in the darkest hour, he can find something positive to brag about!" We all know that a little optimism goes a long way in Westeros, even though any instances of hope are swiftly crushed.
Speaking of hope, Hivju discussed the fate of his character. Let's be real: it really doesn't seem like Tormund survived the finale. That entire portion of the Wall collapsed, completely destroying Eastwatch. Viserion the terrifying zombie ice dragon seems like the kind of manifest evil that would ensure no survivors when he goes on a warpath. Even Hivju himself worries about the fate of his character.
The cast hasn't yet seen the script for season 8, so Hivju doesn't know if Tormund survives. "Last time I saw him, I was inside a Wall, hundreds of meters of ice that was falling apart!" he replies, when asked how Tormund is doing. "It’s like Beric says, 'Death is always the enemy, but you still have to fight it.' There’s another saying: 'The show must go on.' That counts for life as well!"
Tormund, please find some way to survive the cascading Wall avalanche, so we can continue shipping you and Brienne. And Hivju agrees: "In all this horror and the threat they are facing, and as it gets more and more tense, when there’s a hint of love, it gives everybody a bit of life! [Laughs.] What’s more important in the end than love, right?" Isn't that what everyone is fighting the White Walkers for? To preserve humanity and love?" There needs to be at least one happy couple when Game of Thrones ends.
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