Big Brother Made A Rape Joke & People Are Understandably Outraged

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS.
A Big Brother contestant just made a "joke" that has people up in arms. On Monday, a 24-hour Big Brother livestream aired online — and during that daylong period, contestant Jason Dent made a rape joke.
Many fans tweeted their displeasure about the show. Some people asked CBS to cancel the reality show, while others said they were getting rid of their CBS All-Access subscriptions.
During the incident, Dent said of fellow contestant Kevin Schlehuber, "I'm going to tie all your daughters up and make them fucking watch" while he had sex with Schlehuber's wife, according to Fox News. Fox News also noted that Dent apparently joked about "raping a female housemate" in the current season, too.
Schlehuber's wife, Deborah, told TMZ she was "disturbed" by the comments, calling them the "worst thing she's ever seen." The Schlehubers have seven children, six of whom are female.
Dent's family also reportedly apologized for his remarks on Twitter, but the account is private, so we can't verify the below screenshot. If the screenshots are valid, though, it's not great that the family chose to say the joke was taken "out of context" — there's never a right context for threatening someone's family. (In her statement to TMZ, Deborah Schlehuber didn't seem to believe the words were taken "out of context." She told the outlet that her husband would never make that type of joke, no matter what the situation was.)
Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that the incident occurred during an episode of Big Brother aired on CBS. The conversation took place during an online-only livestream that wasn't aired on the network. We've also updated the piece to reflect that Dent said the "joke" in question to other contestants, not to Schlehuber directly. Refinery29 regrets the error.
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