This Theory Explains How Bran’s Warging Will Change The Fate Of Game Of Thrones

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Yes, we were all extremely bummed when Viserion became an Ice Dragon, because over the course of seven seasons, we've come to view Dany's dragons as our own children. We were there when they were magically born from stone eggs, when they were kidnapped and held in the Tower of the Undying, and when they set fire to some disloyal Mereenese sailors. Aren't we all the Mother of Dragons, in a way?
Watching the Ice Dragon destroy the Wall was seriously gut-wrenching. But as it turns out, zombie Viserion could be used against the Night King, who currently controls the undead creature. This is a best-case scenario, so bear with us!
In A Song of Ice and Fire, Bran's skinchanging (warging is referred to as "skinchanging" in the books) abilities are much more central to his story. Bran (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) wargs into his direwolf Summer, ravens, even Hodor (who is still alive in the novel series), but also does so in situations where he doesn't have full control, like dreams. It's these dreams, called "green dreams," where Bran has occasionally lived through the eyes of Summer.
Could Bran potentially skinchange into Viserion? There is nothing in the book series or TV show canons that explicitly prevent this from happening. In fact, when Bran first met the Three-Eyed Raven in his green dreams, he was told "you'll never walk again, but you will fly." Many of us believed that meant he'd be warging into ravens (as seen in the last few minutes of the finale episode, "The Dragon and the Wolf") but this could also potentially signal his ultimate destiny to control a dragon through his mind. In this scenario, the Night King would no longer control the Ice Dragon — Bran would be operating Viserion purely through his mind.
Currently, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) is down one dragon, and the army of the living could certainly stand to have their third dragon of mass destruction back. While it is unknown if the zombie dragon's breath could kill the wights the way we know dragon fire can, we definitely saw it destroy the Wall. If it can turn the Wall into a calving glacier, there's probably not much it can't do. Luckily there's no canon that says this fate is impossible. We're rooting for the living to defeat the inexorable dead.
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