Rice Krispies Are Getting In On The Pumpkin Trend

Anyone who thinks that pumpkin spice makes everything nice has reason to celebrate. Not content with monopolizing specialty coffee beverages, the seasonal specialty is moving beyond drinks and heading to the snack aisle. According to PopSugar, Rice Krispies Treats is the latest snack to get the pumpkin spice treatment, so consider it a gateway to the motherlode, since fans of the OG PSL are still waiting for their drink of choice to arrive at Starbucks.
Instagram snack account @theimpulsivebuy spotted the limited-edition Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispies Treats already on Walmart's shelves. It may seem premature to some, but it's rolling out alongside seasonal Halloween-inspired candies and other pumpkin-spice remixes, including Cheerios and Tollhouse cookies.

Maybe we'll see Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispies Treats Cereal next year. Spotted by Josh C at Walmart.

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It may seem strange to change Rice Krispies treats, since they're basically perfect as-is, but the brand's been known to collab with kids' movies and offer up a few twists. Kellogg's released special Shrek-green squares and Ice Age-inspired treats to coincide with those summer blockbusters.
The Pumpkin Pie variety seems geared more at grown-ups, however, who are probably packing up and heading to Walmart right this instant. Unlike traditional Rice Krispies Treats, fall's release comes with the addition of icing, because pumpkin pie and sweet, silky whipped cream go together like Snap, Crackle, and Pop.
Josh C., who snapped the image for @theimpulsivebuy is hoping that the pumpkin pie trend extends beyond breakfast-cereal treats to expand into more actual cereal. Not content with Cheerios — perhaps they're not out yet wherever he is — he's hoping that next year, Kellogg's deigns to offer up pumpkin-flavored Rice Krispies. That way, die-hard fans could stock up and DIY their own treats all year long.
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