The Internet Loves This Dad Who Crashed His Daughter's First Day Of Grad School

After Omete Anassi's dad saw his sister off to grad school, he couldn't get back to Houston because of Hurricane Harvey. So he decided to take advantage of the situation and learn a thing or two while he was on campus.
A viral tweet by Anassi shows his dad sitting in a classroom for his sister's first lecture.
"My pops can't fly back to Houston 'cause of the hurricane, so he going to grad school with my sister," he wrote. "She pissed."
Anassi shared a screenshot of his conversation with them. Their dad boasts that he's made it into oral history class, sharing a hilarious selfie that, sure enough, shows him in the classroom. Then, his daughter begs him to get out and solicits her mother's help. Her brother's only response is "HAHAHAH POSTING EVERYWHERE."
"Seriously, he needs to leave now," his sister writes. "He's stayed for the intro and has a syllabus. And he won't leave. He's distracting me."
The internet is taken with this dad's enthusiasm. The tweet has received over 40,000 likes and 14,000 retweets. People are even commenting that they can relate. One woman wrote that her mom also ended up stranded on her campus. So she's lounging in her daughter's room with a glass of wine. "LITERALLY SAME. My mom was supposed to leave but she can't," she wrote.
These parents have been unable to get home because Houston's airports had to close over the weekend, USA Today reports. Bush Intercontinental and Hobby airports started running again in a limited capacity on Wednesday afternoon, but Houston Airports wrote in a Facebook post that flights probably wouldn't be back to normal until the weekend. On top of that, the roads around the airport have been flooded, making travel even more difficult.
Luckily, it looks like some travelers are making the most of their inability to get home.

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