Why Did Game Of Thrones Delete This Pivotal Bran Stark Scene?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
The season 7 finale of Game Of Thrones was the longest episode in the show's history, but it seems that still wasn't enough time to get everything in. Case in point: Isaac Hempstead-Wright told HuffPost that there was a deleted Bran Stark scene from the season 7 finale that he thought would've helped clear up a lot of finale confusion.
So, you know that moment when Sansa Stark flips the script on Littlefinger with help from her little sister Arya? Well, it turns out, Bran was actually the one who helped Sansa reach the conclusion that her sister wasn't trying to kill her with his three-eyed raven magic.
“Funny enough," Hempstead-Wright told HuffPost, "we did actually shoot a scene that didn’t make it into that episode where Sansa knocks on Bran’s door, and I don’t know whether they actually want to change the story, but as I understand it, Sansa came to Bran and goes, ‘Can you just look some of this up before I kill my sister?’ That kind of sentiment. Sansa just checking that fact."
Like a lot of us, Sansa wasn't sure whether Arya's speech about wanting to steal her face was real or not and needed someone in the know, i.e. Bran, to help her figure it out. Being that he can look into the past he was able to see that Arya wasn't actually planning to take out Sansa, which likely kept Sansa from taking out her sister.
“I think it suddenly occurred to her that she’s got the best fact-checker in the universe, someone who’s gonna look up the entire history of time,” Hempstead-Wright explained of Sansa's reason for going to him. “So she stops by Bran’s office and goes, ‘Look, bro, can you just check up on what this crazy guy is actually about,’ and Bran goes, ’Yeah, no worries. I got you,’ and they all come together, and the three of them just fuck him up.”
This deleted scene also reveals that Sansa and Arya were't plotting against Littlefinger the whole time. Instead, they had just come to the conclusion that it was he who was trying to pull them apart. Hempstead-Wright's right, that would have been helpful to understanding what exactly happened between the sisters. Hopefully, that scene will see the light of day on the Game Of Thrones DVD boxset.
At least, for now, all is right in Winterfell. Bran didn't get the accolades he deserved, but Littlefinger finally got what was coming to him. We imagine Sophie Turner would agree.
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