Why Are Brownies On The List Of Most Hated Foods?

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Everyone has food that they absolutely can't stand. For me, it's uncooked slices of American cheese. (If it's not melted inside a grilled cheese sandwich, it's a vile insult to food and better not come near my mouth.)
However, while plenty of people loathe polarizing foods like mayonnaise, brussels sprouts, and cilantro, the list of the most hated foods in the United States seems, well...extremely off.
The list, which was reported by Medium and taken from data collected by the dating app Hater (yes, it's a dating app where you connect with people based on mutual disdain, and it is brilliant) reveals that some people hate things that many of us assumed were universally pleasing.
For example: Maryland's least favorite food is the corner piece of a brownie. Now, I'm a middle-of-the-pan girl myself (I prefer all my desserts a little gooier, and consider a lava cake to be a perfect food), but a corner piece of a brownie is still a brownie.
It's not the only questionable item on the list. Alaska has a disdain for Voss Water, which I can only assume is because it's more expensive than, say, the free water you get out of the tap.
Here's where things get really weird. Missouri doesn't like the last bite of a hot dog, which seems weird because, well, you ate the rest of the hot dog. (Unless the idea is that you're sad that it's your last taste of sweet, sweet processed meat?)
New Yorkers detest ranch on pizza, which, okay, I get — when your pizza is as good as New York's you don't need to hide the tastiness with dipping sauce.
Want to see how your refined palate stacks up to the list of most-hated foods by state? Check out the full chart on Medium here.

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