Taco Bell Lovers Are Recreating Their Favorite Menu Items Using Makeup

We've been seeing an explosion of interesting Instagram makeup trends this summer, from two-toned eyeliner to multicolored mascara. But a new look spotted by Pop Sugar definitely takes the cake when it comes to creativity.
People are actually painting food on their faces — and not just any food. They're specifically recreating Taco Bell dishes. Because if you love a fast food chain that much, why not show it off on your skin?
The trend began when Taco Bell tweeted, "Hey, beautiful. We're looking for the best Taco Bell inspired makeup looks. Tag your look using #TacoBellMakeup." The tweet was a response to a photo by makeup artist Emma Freece, whose teal eyeshadow matched her Taco Bell Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze. It looks particularly cool with her purple eyeshadow and hair.
Twitter majorly delivered on Taco Bell's request for makeup inspired by its dishes, and the trend even spilled over to Instagram.
The looks spotted on social media include a taco eyelid, eyes painted in the colors of the restaurant's four sauce packets (green, yellow, orange, and red for verde, mild, hot, and fire), a few eyes with the red bell symbol, more Baja Blast Freeze eyes, and eyes painted with the colors of the Taco Bell logo. You may not be able to guess where these looks got their inspiration just by looking at them, but the hues look pretty fabulous in their own right.
Someone went all out and painted her whole face in Taco Bell colors.
Someone else shared a taco-themed eyeshadow palette.
Though Taco Bell first posted the callout back in May, people are continuing to create their own Taco Bell-inspired makeup.

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