This Mom's Answer To A Bank Security Question Is Equally Hilarious & Adorable

Photographed by Rachel Cabitt.
Online banking is nothing short of a modern miracle. Gone are the days of waiting in line to transfer money or check your account balance at the ATM, and awkwardly forgetting how to fill out a deposit slip in front of the bank teller. While being able to bank from your bed is pretty great, it’s not without its challenges.
Twitter user @AintNoHollyBack knows more about that struggle than most: Not only does she share a bank account with her mom, but her mom has some, um, unconventional answers to the account’s security questions.
Holly tweeted out a conversation she had with her mom about the account. She was prompted with the question: “What celebrity do you most resemble?” Holly texted her mother for the correct answer, because it’s never fun to be locked out of your bank account. In return, Holly received a rather snarky reply. Her mom wrote back, “Jenifer Aniston why do you keep messing that up?” In the tweet, Holly posted a picture of her mom and Jennifer Aniston for a side-by-side comparison.
Though we're hoping that Holly and her mom have changed their security question over 126,000 likes later, Twitter felt so many things about this amazing story. Some people tweeted about how precious Holly’s mom seems.
Others kind of saw her mom’s point. Because, honestly, her mom does look a little like Jennifer Aniston. Look at those cheekbones!
There were a few suggestions of other celebrities her mom could list, too. Again, it’s all about the cheekbones.
Of course, given the celebrity in question, a few Rachel from Friends GIFs were also in order.
While this particular answer is spectacular, we’re also genuinely curious what other creative answers Holly’s mom uses for banking security. Refinery29 has reached out to @AintNoHollyBack to learn more about her mom’s delightful banking habits.

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