Refinery29's Z-Listers Explain Why They're Proud Of Their Generation

Generation Z is the 20-and-under crowd of actresses, musicians, artists, and entertainers on the verge of ruling Hollywood. Meet the freshest faces in the industry and get ready to root for them as they rise to the top.
"The generations before us, the women specifically, have opened the doors for all of us. I feel like...what we need to do is walk through and continue opening doors for the next generation."
That is an actual quote from 16-year-old Mackenzie Foy, proving that Generation Z is unlike any generation the world has seen before. They're fun, they creative, they're woke, and they're using the benefits of their generation — social media and the internet — to spread messages the generations before them could only dream of. That, and really cool selfies.
In the video below, you can meet some of the fearless members of the Refinery29 Z List, which includes people like Disney star Skai Jackson and singer Grace Vanderwaal, and hear them explain just what's so cool about being teen.
Gen Z aren't the leaders of tomorrow — they're already doing it today. Meet the full list over here!

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