Apparently, Memes Are The Way To Someone's Heart

What should I send for the first message on Tinder? It's a question most people who use online dating apps have struggled with at one point or another. "Hey" seems too informal, but complimenting someone's looks might come off as a little creepy. If there's not much of a bio to go off of, the first message can seem impossible to write.
Turns out, all we needed was a Tinder bro to snap us out of writer's block. A guy who goes by Dankmonseiur69 (yeah, that really is his handle) posted a screenshot of one of his Tinder conversations to Reddit yesterday, declaring it "the rightful start for a convo." His hook? Memes.
"Hey! Wanna exchange numbers and just text memes back in [sic] forth until we find each other so funny that we actually decide to hang out," the message reads.
It is pretty clever, we'll give him that. And the girl, Megan, seems to have been into it, at least from her first reaction, since she said it was the best opening line she's gotten on Tinder so far. But the message was sent four months ago and his screenshot stops after his response, so there's no telling if they actually did exchange texts and find each other funny enough to go out IRL.
Maybe he does seem a bit too into himself by declaring this the "rightful" way to start a Tinder message, but at least it gives us a little inspiration to stop sending the generic, "hey there!"
Not really into memes? No worries — you can give one of these 13 lines a try.
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