This Is What Every Type Of Woman On Tinder Actually Smells Like

Earlier this month, my co-worker Alix Tunell identified — in excruciatingly accurate detail — the seven straight male prototypes found on Bumble and the colognes they so often wear on dates. But, as a twenty-something bisexual beauty editor with a similarly trained nose for fragrance and dating app bullshit, I know that there's a lot more to the story than that.
It's time to talk about all the girls you meet. More specifically: the do-gooder, the womanizer, the couple, the not-fully-out, and other archetypes you'll see lurking around the corners of the "women interested in women" on Tinder. Mike Pence was wrong: The future is female. Ahead, a primer on what you can expect each of 'em to smell like.

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