These Tweets About The Solar Eclipse Are Almost As Good As The Eclipse Itself

Photo: Steve Russell/Toronto Star/Getty Images.
As you probably already know, the great solar eclipse of 2017 made its way across the sky this afternoon. The last time a total solar eclipse passed through the entirety of the continental United States was 1918. Lucky for us, we have something this time around that didn’t exist nearly a century ago: Twitter.
The Twittersphere’s reactions to the eclipse spanned just about every emotion possible. Some people couldn’t contain their excitement about the phenomenon, while others had more tepid responses. Of course, since it’s Twitter, there were plenty of memes and GIFs to go around. We rounded up some of the best reactions to the Great American Eclipse of 2017.
The excitement began the morning of August 21, as the hours dwindled till the eclipse first passed Oregon. Everyone was preparing for the big event, and even the moon had to tweet about it.
Of course, plenty of people posted about the ways they planned to shield their eyes from the sun's concentrated rays. Some people had pretty, um, unconventional ideas in mind.
The tweets didn’t stop when the eclipse started, either, but some people were more impressed than others.
Even some classic memes made their way into eclipse posts. Remember this throwback?
But through all of Twitter’s fun and games, some had genuine reflections on the celestial event.
No matter if you traveled to the path of totality, stood outside your office, or just pulled up the livestream, the eclipse was a pretty incredible moment. Sure, it was hilarious to talk about, but it also brought people together in a totally unique way.
The next total solar eclipse to cross part of the U.S. won’t happen until April 2024, so today’s eclipse is bound to keep people talking for a while.

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