This American Idol Alum Says He'd Love To Be Back On The Show

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American Idol may still be finalizing its judging panel, but one of the show's brightest alums says that he'd be happy to come back in any capacity. According to Entertainment Tonight, season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert is more than happy to join the reboot.
Lambert has some experience at the table, too. ET notes that the singer sat on the judging panel for Australia's version of X Factor in 2016. Plus, he's got plenty of experience performing himself (both as a solo artist and the lead singer of the latest Queen lineup), so even if the show's production team doesn't have a position for him as a judge, Lambert could make for a pretty great coach to the budding entertainers on the show. Entertainer being the key word here, because the guy can definitely put on a show.
The singer adds that he's always felt a sense of loyalty to the long-running program. The show made him a household name and he's returned many, many times.
"When [American Idol] was on Fox, I was there every season," Lambert told ET. "I would come on and do something and I owe the show [a] great debt of gratitude. I love the show. I think it's great. I would love to come back and pop in."
Lambert offered up some advice to the would-be singers, too, so he's already putting in some time as a coach.
"You gotta find something that makes you stand out from the pack a bit," Lambert said. "What makes you different than everybody else? What's your angle? What's your lane? I mean, that's the music industry in general."
Maybe Lambert's in with returning host Ryan Seacrest will up his chances for making a return. With no judges confirmed aside from headliner Katy Perry, Lambert still has a chance.
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