This 7-Layer Rainbow Cake Is About To Take Over Instagram

Photographed by Megan Madden.
Since the rainbow food trend started, it has spawned several other magical food crazes. After months of galaxy, unicorn, and mermaid foods, we might be heading in a giant circle back to the beginning. Our Instagram feeds have begun to once again feature a gorgeous, simple star: the elegant seven-layer rainbow cake from Bouchon Bakery.
According to Eater, Bouchon Bakery's pastry chef Nicholas Bonamico first created this rainbow cake way back in June 2015 in honor of the Supreme Court legalizing same sex marriage, but it's also a modern play on classic Italian tricolor cakes and cookies. Though it's been around for a while, for some reason, the cake is only just now starting to blow up on Instagram. Better late than never for a cake this beautiful, and with our current unicorn fatigue, it's actually becoming famous at the perfect time.
Each of the seven layers of Bouchon's cake is dyed to reflect a different color of the rainbow. Eater reports that it's made with flour, almond paste, butter, and eggs, and like those classic Italian cookies, it also has hints of raspberry and apricot jam. Once it's baked and assembled, the cake gets a rich chocolate coating on top and is then flecked with what the bakery says is food grade luster dust, which does remind us a smidge of the galaxy trend, but all of these sweet, magical fads are closely related, anyway. This cake may not be fully back to the basics, but, for now, it's as basic as we'd ever want our cakes to get. Take a look below.

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