These New Game of Thrones Photos Show Things Getting Tense With Sansa And Arya

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Episode 5 of this season's Game of Thrones was the kind of slow burn that the series is known for. "Eastwatch" sets up discord with the surviving Stark sisters at the direction of Littlefinger, who sees their enmity as another rung on the chaos ladder. Cersei revealed to Jaime that she's expecting their fourth child, and she's not afraid to tell the Seven Kingdoms that her brother is also the father (ick). And most hauntingly, Jon Snow heads up north to the Wall to confront the army of the dead, who is marching on Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. Their harebrained scheme to capture a wight and confront Cersei with a real-life zombie has all sorts of potential to go disastrously wrong, but you can't blame them for trying. Their other options, including letting the Seven Kingdoms dissolve into a graveyard, aren't much better.
Jon Snow's assembled quite a group to capture a wight. The Westerosi Seven are being memed all over the internet. While we can't deny how badass each of these fighters are, we are still not that stoked about seeing some of our favorite characters head into battle against an enemy that can't die. In Game of Thrones, no one is safe, and it isn't wise to get too attached to any character. Considering this fan theory indicates that Ser Jorah is toast, episode 6 will most likely include the death of a beloved character.
Meanwhile, back at Winterfell, watching Arya and Sansa fight over loyalty is also making us wince. The two Stark sisters are just two different personalities, and their lived traumas have only hardened those differences. Littlefinger, seeing an opening, has chosen to exploit this by planting the scroll that Arya found in the mattress. The scroll was written by Sansa in effort to avoid having Ned Stark beheaded, which ultimately proved futile. Arya is not aware that Sansa wrote this note under duress. That may not stop Arya from going from zero to 11 — her temper is homicidal. Let's hope that in episode 6, the Stark siblings can get it together and realize that they are on the same side.
Click through for more images from 6, and let's all speculate about "what it means???" together.
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