Can Jennifer Lawrence Tell The Difference Between Wine Reviews & Movie Reviews?

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When thinking about which celebrities we would most like to hang out and chat with over a nice bottle of wine, Jennifer Lawrence definitely comes to mind. She’s effortlessly cool, funny, and would probably be up for some gossip. Well, thanks to Eater, we now know that with some luck, and a donation to Represent.Us through Omaze, that dream of drinking with JLaw could come true.
Jennifer Lawrence has teamed up with Omaze to raise money for Represent.Us, an organization that focuses on ending political corruption, by auctioning off a chance to go wine tasting with her in a California vineyard. Sounds like a hella good time, right? To preview what the experience of wine tasting with JLaw will be like, Omaze released a video that features the actress reading wine reviews and reviews of her movies to see if she could tell the difference.
The video starts with Jennifer Lawrence saying, "I know what you're thinking, Jen, why would I go wine tasting with you? You probably can't even tell the difference between a review of a great wine and a review of one of your movies." Then, she sets out to prove that she actually can, and the results are hilarious enough to make us want to go to a vineyard with her even more than before.
The first blind review that Lawrence reads says, "Full-bodies, strongly grounded, simply sensational," and she response, "I hope that's about a cabernet and not my breasts." Well, she was wrong. Someone actually wrote that review about the movie Joy. With this particular guess, she didn't actually prove that she knows her wine, but to be fair, calling a movie full-bodied is pretty weird.
Despite her shaky knowledge of wine, we still can't imagine that hanging out in wine country with Jennifer Lawrence would be a bad time. If anything, the video proves that we'd have a lot of laughs over a few full-bodied, strongly grounded, and simply sensational bottles, and that's even better.
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