This Dad's Post-Breakup Strategy To Cheer Up His Daughter Is Pure Gold

Getting over heartbreak is hard — but when you're lucky enough to have a dad who is a real-life superhero, it's a little easier.
On Tuesday, a woman who remained anonymous submitted a story to the Love What Matters Facebook page about how her dad cheered her up after her first big heartbreak.
"On most days, I am convinced my dad is the real life Superman," she began her story. His love is the kind that can move mountains and sets a high standard for future boyfriends. He's always been a hero to me."
When she was 20, she wrote, "a guy broke my heart into a million pieces on Thanksgiving Day."
"My dad physically caught me as I crumbled to the floor, sobbing so hard I saw spots," she said. "Looking back, I know his heart was breaking too."
The woman explained to her dad that she was used to getting a "good morning" text from the guy who broke her heart.
"Before I even get out of bed it hits me like a ton of bricks," she recalled telling her dad. "It is a daily reminder that it’s over…he isn’t coming back."
From that day on, her dad began sending her a positive "good morning" text every day.
"His texts include inspirational quotes, heartfelt messages of encouragement and reminders of how much he loves me," she wrote. "That was 7 years ago. He never stopped. I have moved on, moved away and found an amazing man but my Superman came to my rescue. He still texts me (almost) every day."
As you can see from her screen grabs, his text messages radiate a vibe of positivity that sometimes only a dad can provide.
"I have watched him fiercely love my mother for over 30 years; he still brings her flowers, pulls her in for a slow dance in the kitchen and writes her love notes," she added. "When a man like that sits at the center of your universe, it makes you feel as though anything is possible."
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