This Dad Walked His Daughter To School On Her First & Last Days

It's fairly common practice to walk your child to his or her first day of kindergarten because, you know, myriad things can go wrong when a five-year-old acts as their own escort. Jason Gayler of Texas was looking through old photographs when he happened upon a picture of himself bringing his daughter Brittany, now 18, to her very first day of school. The picture brought up all sorts of emotions and inspired him to walk Brittany to her last day of high school.
"I’ve always been so grateful that my parents have always been there for me," Brittany told BuzzFeed News, adding that the final walk to school was "bittersweet."
For his part, Jason said he was fighting back tears. "It was an emotional time," he said. Both father and daughter also joked that she was a little embarrassed — but it was totally worth it. “She’s still a cool teen — if you know what I mean," Jason said.
Brittany shared both photos to Twitter and people had a lot of feelings.
Twitter users could barely control their emotions.
The teen says she's shocked by the tweet's popularity. "I was like, ‘Oh my lord, what is going on,’" she said, referencing the nearly 40,000 likes and shares garnered by her touching post.
Brittany is moving away from home in two months to study and play softball at Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas.

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