You Have To See These Game Of Thrones Tattoos To Believe Them

Photo: Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO.
Like people with rescue pets or anyone who spent a semester abroad, Game of Thrones fans simply cannot shut up about Game of Thrones. The HBO epic’s millions of diehard viewers seize any opportunity to discuss its intricate plot points and character webs, argue over whether the books are better than the TV show, speculate the true parentage of Jon Snow, and, perhaps more than anything, spend 10 minutes explaining to anyone who doesn’t watch it why they absolutely should.
But when it comes to expressing your love for something loud and clear (and, um, forever), what could be better than a tattoo? GoT fans all over the world are getting inked with portraits of their favorite characters, house emblems, iconic quotes, and even some of the show’s most graphic scenes. The Mother of Dragons and Jon Snow (or is it Targaeryen?) have had their likenesses permanently placed onto more fans than you might think — and they’re not the only ones.
Click through to see just a few of the best — and, in some cases, most shocking — Game of Thrones tattoos on Instagram right now. Now we know there’s at least one person who isn’t scared shitless every time the Night King appears on screen.

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