JNCOs Are Back (& With A Cool New Vibe)

Photo: Courtesy of Rose In Good Faith.
JNCOs, the distinctly-‘90s oversized jeans, have returned yet again. On Tuesday, experimental luxury clothing line Rose in Good Faith introduced its collaboration with the denim brand synonymous with Hot Topic, wallet chains, and skating, marking the first time JNCO has ever partnered with another brand. “[The collection] serves in many ways to reintroduce the JNCO brand to a younger audience,” Rose In Good Faith cofounder David Teitelbaum told Refinery29.
Enter RIGF x JNCO: a unisex six-piece collection that features bright, vibrant colors and super-luxe materials like French terry, velour, composite neoprene, and Japanese denim in the same baggy silhouette and with the same big pockets you remember. “Often people have an idea of what was, especially as it applies to JNCO,” Rose In Good Faith cofounder Akiva Alpert said in a press release. “We are communicating a vision of not what was. Rather, what is, what will be.”
“We can talk about the RIGF x JNCO collection as an exercise in design, but this is also therapy," he adds. "We design to work through the memories of our childhood, and channel our past into our garments. In a way, it's living our youth, eternally. We want for you to embody a character every time you step into the collection. We’re putting every ounce of creativity that we have as designers into this collection to create a story.”
The entire collection is made cut-to-order in downtown Los Angeles, so expect 20 to 25 days to receive your pieces. “Everything we do, we treat it very exclusively,” Alpert said. “And the price points reflect that, ranging from $385 to $2,000. It will be sold for five days only through a virtual pop-up shop beginning Thursday, August 17 at 6 a.m PST, but you can sign up for early access here. And if you've got some money to shell out in the name of nostalgia, click on to get a peek at the offering.

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