Anna Paquin Is Pretty Proud Of Her Boobs Making It Onto The BBC

Anna Paquin has happily claimed the boobs accidentally aired in the background of a BBC broadcast as her own, the A.V. Club reports.
Last week, someone over at BBC News was reportedly taking a late-night break to watch a racy sex scene on TV without realizing the monitor used for viewing was directly in the background Sophie Raworth's News at Ten segment. After days of speculation — Could it have been porn? Did the employee forget that he worked for an organization that broadcasts live every night to millions of viewers? Whose boobs were those? — we finally have some answers.
The True Blood star tweeted on Friday that not only was she able to positively ID the now-famous breasts, but that she knew exactly which scene from HBO's hit vampire show the BBC employee was enjoying.
"MY BREASTS!! SO FUNNY ON SO MANY LEVELS," Paquin tweeted along with a story from The Telegraph U.K.
Shortly after the incident, The Telegraph reported that BBC News had issued a statement saying the company was investigating the situation and "establishing the facts."
Paquin thought this, too, was hilarious.
"'Looking into the matter'? What's there to look into my tits photobombed the news because someone was watching #TrueBlood in view of the camera," she tweeted along with an emoji winking with its tongue out.
Paquin's excitement riled up her former True Blood co-stars, Robert Kazinsky (Macklyn Warlow) and Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton), the latter of which is her husband in real life, into joining the fun.
"@RobertKazinsky This is amazing and making me very happy," Moyer tweeted before asking his wife if she could recall the exact scene, mentioning the article had "annoyingly blurred it out."
"Fairy land graveyard sex with Warlow... Duh!" she responded.
Though Paquin seemed pretty pumped to have made an unexpected appearance on the nightly news, Kazinsky was a little less enthused, saying he was grateful that they didn't capture a still of his "tombstone tied donut eating belly," whatever that means.

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