Trader Joe's Coconut Chunks Are A Food Hack In A Bag

Trader Joe's has long been known for selling frozen items that make meal prep easier, and its newest product is no exception. The chain just introduced what it calls Just Coconut Chunks, a bag that contains frozen coconut squares with no sweeteners, preservatives, or whiteners.
The coconut chunks are fully peeled, making them easy to throw into any recipe. Plus, the chunks are individually quick frozen, giving them a longer shelf life so you can "shake out what you need and save the rest for another time." We may have never seen a product with a more fitting name.
These hearty chunks of frozen coconut meat will make one thing better: your morning. They make the perfect addition to an a.m. smoothie — and it seems we're not the only ones who had that thought. The post announcing the new product on Trader Joe's website suggests defrosting the coconut squares and then using them in your favorite smoothie recipe. We are confident that, along with assembling our smoothie ingredients in a freezer bag and pouring our smoothies over ice, using Trader Joe's new Just Coconut Chunks is about to become one of the smartest hacks in our breakfast arsenal.
The bright white chunks would also be a tasty and decorative addition to a beautiful smoothie bowl or, as TJ's also suggested, a fruit salad. Of course, we can even picture ourselves popping the coconut squares right into our mouths as a cool afternoon sweet treat.
So, these coconut squares are easy to make meals with because they're cut, peeled, and frozen, and they're tasty. It turns out, there's one more thing to love about the product, and that's it's affordability. Trader Joe's is selling 16-ounce bag of Just Coconut Chunks for just $2.49 each. Excuse us while we go stock up.
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