Arya's Game Of Thrones Sword Fight With Brienne Got A Geektastic Makeover

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
It's been a week since we saw Arya Stark duel with Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones, and we still can't get that awesomeness out of our heads. Nor can clever video editor Omir B, apparently, and we all win because he edited the scene to replace the ladies' beloved swords with light sabers and posted the results to YouTube.
When Arya begins to suggest they train together, Brienne almost dismisses her, offering to fetch the master of arms. Clearly, she doesn't know that underestimating Arya is a dangerous business. But Arya is still full of admiration for the woman who beat the Hound, and she reminds Brienne that she promised to serve both of Catelyn Stark's daughters.
"Nice sword," Brienne says by way of greeting."Very nice dagger."
The clash of steel is still present in this alternate version, though it also includes that signature light-saber whoosh. Some viewers on Youtube commented that Omir should have tried to edit out the clashing, but others explained that it would have taken a lot more work to get rid of one sound effect while keeping the rest of the audio intact. Besides, we don't need perfection here, just a delightful excuse to watch this fight one more time. Omir has edited a couple of other sword fights with the Star Wars weapons in the past, as Buzzfeed pointed out, so you can watch those if you need more whooshing in your life.
If what you want instead is more ways to analyze Arya's impressive skills, you need to see Mashable's visual guide to her training, which shows her learning from teachers Syrio Forel, the Hound, and the Faceless Men, intercut with her duel with Brienne. Still, none of that quite explains what Arya is going to do with that dagger.
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