Lush’s New Bath Bomb Will Send You Into Outer Space

Photo: Courtesy of Lush.
Lush Cosmetics have long been in the game of making our baths equal parts self-care and childlike fun with their fizzy bath bombs. A new bath bomb coming out is really going to make you feel like a little kid playing in the tub. Rocket Science is basically the grown-up version of a bath toy.
When you drop the Rocket Science bomb in the water, it fizzes across the tub instead of just sinking down like the regular versions. Of course, it's also got a practical purpose too, as it's filled with lemon and bergamot oils.
"Citrus oils have long been used in aromatherapy for their uplifting effect on the mind and as an excellent remedy to curb anxiety and stress — making them perfect for astronauts-in-training and starry eyed bathers alike," states the Lush Cosmetics press release announcing Rocket Science. So you'll be chilled out and entertained, and you can pretend you're getting a STEM education while you're at it.
If you really want to embrace your inner child — or actually give these to children — there's also a Yellow Submarine bath bomb that propels through the water, so you can race the two. Countdown and sound effects not included.
This is the happy-go-lucky remedy you might need to try after giving yourself nightmares with the new scary movie bath bombs from Loquita Bath and Body.
Rocket Science Bath Bombs will be available in stores and online on August 15, and now that we know about the Lush Cosmetics subscription service, we'll be sure to keep our bathrooms fully stocked for all this bathing silliness.
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