Anna Kendrick Says The Cast Would Do Pitch Perfect Forever, If They Could

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Have we come to end of the road for the Pitch Perfect franchise? According to the premise of Pitch Perfect 3, yes. According to its leading lady Anna Kendrick, no.
In an interview with Entertainment Weekly when asked about whether she’d like to do an encore, the actress responded, “Hell yeah! We’d do them forever.”
While her co-stars Rebel Wilson, Elizabeth Banks, and crew weren’t available to affirm Kendrick’s “we” statement, excuse us as we indulge. After all, if Spider-Man movies can appear on a never-ending stream of reels, surely there’s hope for the Barden Bellas?
In the EW interview, Kendrick also lamented about the love she has for her castmates. “It’s totally like summer camp,” she said. “We spend every waking moment together: We’re shooting together constantly, we’re in the hair and makeup trailer together and when we’re not shooting, we’re in a green room together. It starts to feel like ‘Oh, my God if I see these girls for one more second…’ and then every weekend it’s just like, ‘What you guys up to?’” Aww.
Despite Kendrick’s love of the franchise, back in April, Pitch Perfect screenwriter, Kay Cannon put an end to any speculation that a fourth film with its original cast was in the works."I think it's the end of the Bellas as we know them,” she said to E! News. “If there's a Pitch Perfect 4, it will be a new crop."
Does this mean we’ll never see the fun group, together on-screen again? Bummer. For now, we’ll just wait with bated breath until December when the film makes its nationwide debut.
As for what to expect this time around, according to director Trish Sie (Step Up All In), things will be much “juicier” this time around. “The ensemble gets juicier,” Sie said to EW.
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