Unicorn Food Is Out — But Magical Mermaid Churros Are IN

Unicorn food may be dead, buried, and gone — but the mermaid trend is still alive and swimming. We were given a taste of the magical movement in the winter of 2017 when food stylist Adeline Waugh socialized her multicolored, shimmering toast for the world's unicorn-fatigued eyes to behold. Starbucks even threw a mermaid tail into the ring this past spring with one barista's ombre Frappuccino creation. However, both of these fantastical treats were mere dips in the body of water that was, and now is, the full blown mermaid food trend of 2017. As of this very morning, a creation called the mermaid churro exists and is thriving. Below, behold the stunning Instagram we cannot take our eyes off of.

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A sweets shop in Westminster, CA called The Loop: Handcrafted Churros, debuted the above whimsical ice cream-churro creation, Cosmopolitan reports. They relay that the trendy treat is a "mermaid glazed loop churro, which features a new blueberry glaze and what the store described as custom mermaid sparkle sugar." We can only imagine what makes up custom mermaid sparkle sugar — has it been carefully scraped from the tails of free-range, wild Pacific Ocean mermaids, with no mermaids harmed in the making, of course? The rundown on how these magical glazed-loops are assembled for sale is dazzling: if not purchased solo, they can be bought "placed on soft serve ice cream with mini sugar pearls, chocolate pearls, and a homemade chocolate mermaid tail." That sounds like mystical-munching at it's finest.
That's not the end of it! The Californian churro creatives also whipped up another sequin tail inspired sip.
Tullo details that the drinkable mixture is a "magical mermaid lemonade, made with blue raspberry, butterfly pea tea, and a secret 'magical sparkle.'" Again, this "secret" sparkle — is it real mermaid magic at play? We'll have to book a trip to Cali to find out if The Loop is running a mermaid farm to supply their magical, delicious creations. Or maybe just book a trip to chow down on (and Instagram) one of these delicious churro creations.
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