Raven Symone Says Her Character Is "Still Crazy" In Raven's Home

Photo: Disney Channel/Bob Du2019Amico.
Raven Symoné is back on our screens, which means we're feeling all of the nostalgia. The 31-year-old has returned to Disney for Raven's Home, a sequel to the hit early 2000s series That's So Raven. While ten years have passed between the final episode of the original show and now, Symoné told BuzzFeed that not much has changed with her character. Sure, Raven is all grown up, and a single mother of two, but she and Chelsea (Anneliese van der Pol) are still up to their usual adventures.
The Raven we met over ten years ago was pretty unforgettable. She had her signature catch phrases ("Oh snap" was Symoné's favorite), and some truly iconic lines — remember when she was "betrayed by the booty"? And while Raven's life is a lot different now ("She has two kids, they’re twins. She has a job, she’s divorced from Devon, and she’s a grown woman.") her character is exactly the same.
"We’re still crazy, we’re still teenagerous I guess we have to say," Symoné explained. "And Anneliese and I are always checking each other saying we have to make sure we’re a parent, we have to make sure we’re acting like parents. 'Cause it’s hard, because Raven and Chelsea, we’re crazy. We have problems, even as adults."
The actress also said that they'll be following in the footsteps of the last show when it comes to the lessons the characters learn. For instance, That's So Raven often touched on body shaming, and Raven's Home has similar values.
"As for this season, we touch on some topics, but not as in depth as that one, not as in depth as body shaming," she continued. "We touch on wearing makeup when you're not supposed to and stealing it, ways of mothering, ways of parenting, and lots of other topics with the kids. But we’re gonna dive into the real ones if we get a second season for sure."
We're crossing our fingers that pans out.

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