A Giant Inflatable Chicken Resembling Trump Showed Up Outside The White House

Photo: Getty Images.
Something unusual happened in Washington, D.C. Wednesday afternoon, and for once it wasn't a tweetstorm from President Trump.
A huge inflatable chicken resembling the president showed up in the park just south of the White House, looking directly at the commander-in-chief's residence. The blow-up animal had orange hair, an angry look on its face, and hand gestures President Trump has made in the past.
The organizers of the Tax Day March, an event aimed at convincing the president to release his tax returns, have used a similar chicken in the past, but it's not yet known who strategically placed it in view of the White House on Wednesday. It didn't appear to have any signs or words indicating why it was stalking 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
The inflatable is based off a statue at a Chinese mall, The Hill reports, and there's currently one for sell on eBay for $500. So, the chicken prankster could be anyone who owns a 10-foot tall orange haired chicken.
But while the chicken was staring down the president's residence, Trump was away at his New Jersey golf club. He went on a 17-day vacation while the White House's 27-year-old heating and cooling system is replaced.
Because it was placed in an open park, people were able to take pictures of the giant chicken up close, and one person on Twitter said children were kicking it.
Although the chicken might not get the president's attention the same way it would if he saw it while looking out the window, it certainly caught other people in D.C.'s eyes. I mean, who wouldn't be curious about a giant inflatable chicken that looks like it's giving someone a very stern talk?
If nothing else, it gave everyone a good laugh. Hopefully the intentions behind its random appearance will surface soon.
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written by Elisa Kreisinger; edited by Jesse Rindner.

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