This Couple's Dogs Were Best Man & Maid Of Honor At Their Wedding

The job of choosing a best man or maid of honor can lead many people to reflect on who the most important people in their lives are. For Emma-Leigh and Shane Matthews, those people were actually dogs. So the couple made their malamutes best man and maid of honor at their wedding, The Huffington Post reports.
Niko and Phil showed up to the big event, tore up the dance floor, and posed for photos right with the bride, groom, bridesmaid, and groomsmen.
It took a while for Emma-Leigh and Shane to find a venue that would allow dogs, but they ended up getting married in a Cumbria, England mansion. Niko and Phil came a day early with the couple. "The dogs were part of every part of the wedding and didn’t really leave our side," Emma-Leigh told The Huffington Post.
Phil was also the wedding's videographer: He wore a GoPro on his collar to capture footage of the event.

My other special guy #alaskanmalamute

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Niko had a special collar for the wedding, too, with flowers all around.

Posing up a storm with the wedding party #alaskanmalamute

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A bridesmaid and groomsman each held a leash with a dog as they walked down the aisle.

Making their way down the aisle with @harleymatthews_ and phil being videographer #alaskanmalamute

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Even the wedding cake was a tribute to the newlyweds' canines. Figurines of the dogs laid on top of and next to the cake. (Their cat Milo also appeared on a cake decoration. Apparently, the venue wouldn't let Milo come, but that didn't stop the couple from dressing him up.)
From a wedding party posing with puppies to kittens roaming around a venue, bringing pets to weddings is becoming more and more common. And we can definitely see why: On top of producing some adorable photos, the most important people — or dogs or cats — in these couples' lives get to share their special day with them.

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