These Beautiful Lisa Frank Debit Cards Are Pure Nostalgia — With A Catch

When I was younger, few things made my day more than writing in a technicolor notebook with pencils that had a rainbow direwolf pattern. Now, thanks to Lisa Frank, paying for grown-up expenses can be similarly dreamy.
Earlier this year, Target launched a 10-piece LF pajama collection that you could wear while writing in your slam book before bed. Today, HelloGiggles shared the company's latest '90s nostalgia offering: prepaid debit cards in prints that make you want to dream big, stay up all night eating cotton candy, and adopt-not-shop a smiling snow leopard.
There are 16 card designs in all, ranging from what HelloGiggles calls "alien road trip to Coachella," to "Psychedelic Dalmatians."
Some of my faves include what I'll call Puppy And Kitten In Candy Land
Dolphin Sea Tango
and Follow The Tiger Print Road.
You can review all the options at — but make sure you go through the fine print before embracing your inner child. The cards carry a lot of charges that traditional credit cards don't: They charge $2.95 for ATM cash withdrawals outside of the MoneyPass network, and carry a $9.95 monthly maintenance fee for cardholders that don't maintain a $1,000 balance, among other stipulations.
Compared with other prepaid cards, these fees come down on the expensive side. For comparison, the American Express Serve prepaid card costs $1 a month and doesn't carry the same requirements for a minimum balance. Many of the leading prepaid debit cards also carry lower fees than the ones at
However, if you're a huge Lisa Frank fan, it could be worth it — as long as you're aware of how the fees stack up.

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