Ryan Reynolds Gave Fans A First Look At Josh Brolin's Character In Deadpool 2

In his ongoing quest to be a one-man hype machine for Deadpool 2, star Ryan Reynolds offered up the first official images of Josh Brolin's character, Cable.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reynolds posted two photos to his Twitter account just a week after he did the same for Domino, played by Zazie Beetz.
"We all have that one, grumpy, heavily armed Uncle from the future. #PremiumCABLE," Reynolds wrote alongside one photo of Brolin. In it, fans can see all the trappings of the comic-book character, including his mechanical eye, a robotic arm, and what looks like a pretty fresh fade from his barber. Staying true to traditional depictions of Cable, the character is definitely rough around the edges, war-torn, and exuding a lot of attitude.
In a second photo, fans get to see a lot more of the character. The full-body shot reveals a very large gun — another Cable signature — and basically an entire bunker's worth of artillery strapped to Brolin's torso.
Look closer and you'll also see a teddy bear strapped to his belt alongside all those bullets. It's either a very cute visual gag or an Easter egg for X-Men fans, who'll recall that comic-book Cable kept a teddy bear as the only reminder of his childhood. There's no way to tell exactly how the little plush pal will play into the plot of Deadpool 2, but fans can be certain that it'll be of some import. If anything, it'll make for a pretty sweet post-credits scene.
Fans will remember a certain pink unicorn toy playing into Suicide Squad and Deadpool's own unicorn companion, so maybe it just makes sense for Cable to get a stuffed friend, too. It seems to be the coolest thing since skin-tight Spandex for comic-book movies.
As for what Reynolds will post next Monday, here's hoping it's a new trailer.
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