Here's What Happened On That Viral Tinder Couple's First Date

Remember that one time two college students kept a joke running on Tinder for three years, and then one of them tweeted screenshots of their messages and the whole internet fell in love with them and then Tinder offered them a free trip to Maui?
No? Let us give you a refresher.
The two students, Josh and Michelle, go to the same college — Kent State University in Kansas, but even after matching on Tinder and keeping up a stream of messages over three years, they had never met IRL. Josh and Michelle would message each other every few months with increasingly wild excuses as to why it took so long to answer. "Hey, sorry I was in the shower," Josh said after a two month delay. "Presidents' Day had me really swamped," Michelle said after another four months.
They kept the joke going for years before Josh finally tweeted their conversation and suddenly they were on Good Morning America meeting each other for the very first time. Since then, Josh and Michelle have officially had their first date, or, we should say, dates — given that they went to Maui for a whole weekend, courtesy of Tinder.
The GMA cameras followed them there and captured what went down. You can watch below:
While their vacation certainly looks magical, it doesn't seem like Josh and Michelle will have the kind of fairytale ending that a lot of people have been rooting for. As the GMA hosts pick up, Michelle says that once they get back to school she's sure their "paths will cross again," which doesn't really seem promising that a second date is in the cards.
Regardless, it's been fun to follow Josh and Michelle's story from its funny start to its bittersweet end.
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