A Guy Made A PowerPoint Of First Date Suggestions & Was Immediately Blocked

The next time someone asks you where you'd like to go on a first date, consider taking a leaf out of Ben Velzian's book. When a guy asked him out recently, and wanted to know where they should go, Velzian didn't just send a text — he sent a PowerPoint.
It was pretty detailed, too — including pictures of the famous versions of themselves (Ben Affleck for Ben and Tome Scavo for his date, a guy named Tom) and a summary of the task at hand.
"I have presented with the task of suggesting venues for a date for Ben (me) and Tom (you)," he wrote in the intro. "The weather is very temperamental this week, as such any venue must be indoors or have an indoor component."
He goes on to suggest that they either go to a museum that's lit by candles (seems romantic), a maze built by an artist (SO fun), or Junkyard Golf ("everyone who lives in East London legally has to do it.")
If you ask us, those are some pretty solid options, and Velzian's PowerPoint is clearly well thought out.
Unfortunately for him, it didn't exactly work out. The guy apparently blocked him immediately.
"I was assuming he'd take it as a joke, obviously he didn't," Velzian tells Refinery29. "We'd only spoken a few days so I suppose it was a bit full on, and I agree it would have been creepy if I was serious."
Honestly, we don't think it's creepy at all. And neither does most of Twitter. People love Velzian's first date presentation.
Velzian said in a later tweet that it was "a waste of my MS Office skills." But as fate has it, it wasn't a total waste. Date suggestion #3, Junkyard Golf, reached out to Velzian to offer their apologies that Tom couldn't recognize his brilliance and to give him free golf for life.
So even though he didn't get the man, Velzian did get plenty of opportunities for new first dates. That's a win in our book.
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