This Stephen Miller Impression Came From A Totally Unexpected Actor

Anthony Scaramucci's White House gig was so short-lived that we didn't even get the chance to see many impressions of The Mooch. But Stephen Miller still has a job (for now) and following his showdown with CNN reporter Jim Acosta, an impression of Trump's policy aide has come from a totally unexpected actor.
Pauly Shore plays Miller in a new Funny or Die sketch that includes actual footage from the briefing, complete with baffled expressions from the White House press corps.
The sketch is inspired by Miller's cringeworthy comment that downplayed the importance of the poem on the Statue of Liberty, which offers words of welcome to immigrants.
"Why don't we talk a little history? In the year 2000, did you know a mutant known as Wolverine scaled the Statue of Liberty in a climatic showdown with Sabretooth?" Shore's Miller asks. "Or when the Ghostbusters brought the Lady Liberty to life with the power of Ectoplasm? Was that violating — in your opinion Jim Acosta — the Statue of Liberty law of the land?"
But wait, that's not all! "Miller" has a few other fun facts to share. For example, did you know that Lady Liberty is actually holding an iPad?
Another actor has expressed interest in playing the Duke grad who slammed the "cosmopolitan bias" of Acosta, the son of a refugee. House of Cards actor Michael Kelly really wants the chance to play Miller when Saturday Night Live returns.
”Oh please oh please I might finally get my shot at @nbcsnl #StephenMiller," Kelly posted on Twitter yesterday.
Shore totally slayed his impression of Miller, but we think Kelly would do a stand-up job as well. And considering Miller is bound to give comedians more material than they can keep up with, we think there's room for both of them.

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