Matthew Morrison Says We'll See Him Again On Season 14 Of Grey’s Anatomy

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Glee-alum, Matthew Morrison, is apparently returning to Grey's Anatomy as Dr. Paul Stadler for season 14. In an interview with The Argonaut, Morrison divulged that he has a big role in the medical drama's upcoming season.
The 38-year-old actor first appeared on the show as a guest role in the second-to-last episode of season 13. Playing the role of Jo's estranged, abusive husband, Alex Karev crosses paths with him at a conference in Los Angeles. Their interaction is brief, though Karev plays out a number of scenarios in his head fantasizing how he would have preferred to deal with Stadler. Given the history, there is a lot that could happen with Morrison's character; it could certainly mean more drama between Alex and Jo's estranged husband. Other than Morrison's confirmation that he is returning to the long-running show, both he and ABC have been very tight-lipped on the matter, not unlike when he first appeared on the show, declining to comment on the news.
Prior to his debut on the show, his involvement was kept under wraps until Morrison shared on his Instagram story that he was filming on an unnamed show as Dr. Paul Stadler. Fans were quick to connect the dots, and soon photos emerged of the actor on set.
We're excited and curious to see how season 14 plays out with this new knowledge that Dr. Paul Stadler will be a big part of the season. What will this mean for Alex and Jo? Their relationship has had quite the ups and downs. In an interview toward the end of season 13 with Entertainment Tonight, Justin Chambers who plays Alex on the show had this to say about his character's relationship. "I’m excited to see what happens with him and 'Jolex," he said, referring to the ship name given to them by fans. "I think they really love each other. I know they have a lot of obstacles to go through but it will be interesting to see what conflicts, fires they can put out."
Now, we've watched our fair share of Grey's over the years, and usually, the emergence of a controversial character from someone's past does not spell smooth sailing for everyone involved.
Season 14 of Grey's Anatomy premieres on Thursday, Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.
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