Poor Hodor Was Accused Of Leaking Spoilers

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I do not envy the cast of Game of Thrones for one main reason: Their every word is analyzed. The cast of the series can't say one word without being accused of revealing spoilers or confirming fan theories or debunking potential plot lines. But more often than not, the actors' Reddit-thread-trigging comments are merely just slip-ups not meant to give any information away — because the hackers are taking care of that on their own time...
Most recently, Kristian Nairn, who played the loyal and iconic Hodor, stopped by Thronecast, a podcast dedicated to the HBO series, and let some misinformation slip that came back to haunt him. Speaking with host Sue Perkins and other guests Grace Dent and Simon Neil, the actor made a casual comment about Cersei Lannister that sent fans into a tailspin because it seemed to confirm a far-off fan theory. As Uproxx writes, Nairn said that Cersei was going mad, "mad like her father, the Mad King." A statement like that implies that Cersei's real father is Mad King Aerys II, making her a Targaryen. People have been speculating that maybe that could be true... but probably not. Especially considering Nairn's clarification on Twitter.
One Twitter user said that Nairn "dropped a spoiler," only for another GoT fan to suggest that he merely "just got it wrong" and that "no one corrected him," referring to the fact that he just meant to say Cersei is going mad, like the Mad King. Not that he's her father.
Nairn was quick to reply and confirm that yes, he was wrong. And that yes, he may have fudged the truth because he wasn't caught up. It happens, Hodor.
We wrote about the signs hinting that Cersei may be turning into her own Mad Queen, but more because of her maniacal ways than because of her lineage. We're as positive that she's a Lannister as we are that Nairn really needs to start keeping up with the show if he's going to do interviews about it. But hey, mistakes happen.
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