This Is Why Cersei's Hair Is Still So Short On Game Of Thrones

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Game of Thrones fans are scratching their heads over one of the character's heads. Namely, Cersei's.
After her literal walk of shame in season 5, which involved a very short crop on her usually long, flowing hair, viewers expected her to grow the chop out. If anything, they needed the haircut as a sort of indicator of time passing. After all, there aren't many things in Westeros that remain constant and the passage of time is one of the few. But, according to Vanity Fair, Cersei's short 'do isn't a continuity error, it's a personal choice.
Vanity Fair points out that fans often use characters' appearances to gauge how much time has passed between episodes or even scenes. Back in season 5, Cersei's short hair mirrored Tyene Sand's. Last week, Sand's hair was longer, brushing her shoulders, while Cersei's is still in a tight pixie. Gilly's baby, who was born back in season 3, still can't talk.
Fans venting their time-related frustrations on Twitter got an answer from executive producer Bryan Cogman himself. Plus, he offered up a reason for Cersei's new look. Namely, she does what she wants.
The short hair isn't the only thing that's changed about Cersei's lewk. Vanity Fair adds that costume designer Michele Clapton has been updating the reigning queen's wardrobe with picks that complement the pixie cut.
"There is no 'decoration' to Cersei," Clapton said. She added that there aren't any more soft pinks and greens or flowing robes. They've been replaced with square-shouldered, armor-like shapes (and some very shiny spikes). She added that Cersei's been reborn. So, along with the short hair — sorry, anyone using it to keep track of time — Cersei's power dressing seems to stem from that whole dress-for-the-job-you-want ethos popularized by self-help books. In this case, Cersei's badass look is just a reflection of her position on the Iron Throne. With dragons at her back, ain't no one got time to mess with long hair.
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