There's A New Development In The HBO Hack That Includes Never Before Seen GOT Episodes

Photo: Macall B. Polay/Courtesy of HBO.
On Monday, talk of Game of Thrones' most recent episode was interrupted by news that HBO servers had been hacked. Hackers claimed to have stolen 1.5 terabytes of data, which is equal to over 750 hours of video. The Hollywood Reporter points out this data breach is seven times bigger than the Sony hack in 2014. Immediately after the HBO attack took place, the hackers sent an email out to several reporters claiming that they had stolen Game of Thrones data. Now, it has been confirmed that the stolen GOT data included never-before-seen episodes of the hit show.
Just this morning, Hack Read reported that the HBO hackers have launched a website where visitors can download this week’s episode of Game of Thrones (episode 3) and the yet-to-be-aired forth episode of season seven. There also appears to be downloadable scripts from the show on the website.
In addition to Game of Thrones data, the hackers have also published episodes of Ballers, Room 104, and Insecure. And, the website has episodes of Barry, an HBO series, which, Mashable points out, isn't set to be released until 2018.
A screenshot of the hacker's website published by Hack Read shows that alongside the newly-posted episodes and scripts, there is a note that says, "Coming soon ...!" The message leads us to assume that more stolen data will be added shortly if the website isn't shut down before that happens. At the very bottom of the webpage, there's another note the simply reads, "To be continued ..." which hopefully does not mean that the hackers will hack HBO again looking for more date.
Because we never encourage or participate in hacks, we will not be including the name of the website or a link to uploaded episodes and scripts, and though we know how hard it is to wait until Sunday to see Game Of Thrones' next episode, we encourage you not to seek out the stolen data.

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