Halle Berry Opens Up About Changing Paparazzi Laws To Protect Kids

In her new film Kidnap, Halle Berry plays a badass mom who takes matters into her own hands when her young son is abducted. Given her track record in real life, the Oscar winner is the perfect fit for the role. Several years ago, Berry led the charge that resulted in a bill to protect children from the paparazzi.
In a new interview with Extra Berry recalled how the paparazzi treated her young daughter Nahla, who was born in 2008. “Nahla couldn't leave the house. She couldn't go to school. She was terrified. So not changing the law was not an option," Berry said. "I had to change the law. I had to change the law, and so when you have that will and that desire… you'd be surprised what you can actually do."
Berry took action and was quickly joined by other celebrity parents, including Adele and Jennifer Garner. She fought to redefine harassment in the state of California so the law would protect the children of public figures.
Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law in 2013, and paparazzo who harass children based on their parents' professions now face up to a year in jail if convicted.
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic
Berry compared her own determination to protect her child to that of her Kidnap character, Karla.
"I have that mama-bear spirit not only for my kids but for all children so it tapped right into the heart of I think who I am as a person," Berry said. "I can't think of a role that I've ever played that really tapped into Halle, into me… This role is more me than anybody… than any role I've ever played, I think."
"Being a mom, I learned how strong I really am," she added. "I always thought I was a pretty strong person, but now being a mother, the things I've been able to fight for for my children have really made me understand how strong I am and how much power I have, actually… as not only a mother, but just as a woman, I'll always stand up for them."

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