There's A Reason Why Cersei's Maid Looked So Familiar In Game Of Thrones

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
We might just have definitive proof that Cersei really did make her servants get the same haircut as her, and it's all thanks to Vanity Fair, who spotted something surprising about the handmaiden who made an appearance during Sunday night's episode (creating an awkward moment with Jaime). While the woman in question made waves on Twitter thanks to her pixie cut, it turns out we all forgot where we had seen her before: pretty much every other season. This is the same handmaiden who's been with Cersei basically the entire time, we just didn't recognize her with her new 'do. Face, meet palm.
According to the outlet, actress Sara Dylan has been playing the role of of Cersei's maid Bernadette since since season 2, when we first met her after she was assigned to wait on Sansa, and was rushing to tell Cersei that Sansa had gotten her first period before being stopped by Shae.
Bernadette comes back briefly in season 3 when Tyrion proposes to Sansa, and also has a bigger plot point a couple seasons later when she's responsible for outing Shae to Cersei as Tyrion's secret lover, eventually resulting in Shae's capture and death at the hands of her former lover. During this same scene, she interrupts an argument between Cersei and Jaime, proving that Sunday night's episode was not the first time she's caught the siblings in a compromising situation.
Maybe it's time to start paying more attention to Bernadette, and not just because she's rocking a new haircut. She's been present for most of Cersei's important moments, and it's not out of the question to wonder if her re-introduction during last night's episode hints at more things ahead for her. With Game Of Thrones, you literally never know.

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