Here Are The Details Of Kelly Dodd's Text Battle With Real Housewives Co-Star Meghan King Edmonds

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo.
Last season on Real Housewives of Orange County, Meghan King Edmonds introduced her fellow O.C. Housewives and us loyal fans to her friend Kelly Dodd, and it quickly became quite clear that this chick fights dirty, even when the camera’s aren’t rolling. On last night’s episode, the fourth of the new season, it was revealed that during the show's break from shooting Dodd went after one of the only housewives that still gave her the time of day, her first friend on the show, Meghan King Edmonds.
Before Dodd arrived at Edmonds' house for a visit during the most recent episode, Edmonds explained that she and Kelly had "drifted apart a little," in recent months because of a text battle that went down when Edmonds was 7-months pregnant. According to her, it all started when she heard a rumor that Kelly Dodd had a new boyfriend, and as someone who always does her research on rumors — remember how she handled Brooks and Vicki's cancer scheme? — the new mom reached out to see if it was true.
Though Kelly has had an on-again, off-again relationship with her husband Michael and has been very open about their marital issues, she was clearly very offended by the question from her friend. And, as mentioned before, Dodd fights dirty.
As we saw from text screenshots on last night's episode of RHOC, Kelly responded to Meghan's inquiry by saying someone had told her that Meghan's husband Jimmy had a mistress. During a floating head interview, Dodd said with disgust, "I don't have a boyfriend. And, quite frankly, if I did, I would say." If that's the case, why in the world would she have been so enraged by the question to start hurling accusations about Edmond's relationship?
The answer to that is because she's Kelly Dodd, and she has major problems. Dodd herself even admitted she has a problem, saying in the episode, "I have a really, really hard time controlling myself. When someone presses my buttons, I'm going to press the button right back." Usually we don't find ourselves defending Jimmy Edmonds, who doesn't seem to give a flying you know what about his wife, but we suppose our distain for Dodd out-weighs our disgust for Jimmy. This weekend, anyway.
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