Dean From The Bachelorette Stuck Gum Behind His Ear & Twitter Still Loves Him

Photo: Paul Hebert/ABC.
Dean Unglert, the cherubic 26-year-old from California, can do no wrong in the eyes of Bachelorette fans. He was a fan favorite when he was on the show, and, through his love of dog photos, has risen to Twitter boyfriend status. He's still a 26-year-old, though — on last night's Men Tell All special, the blooper reel from this season revealed that Unglert has zero issue tucking gum behind his ear. And then putting it back in his mouth.
"Will you hold this for me?" he asks a producer in the reel. When the producer doesn't take it, he tucks it behind his ear. "I'm just gonna put it back here for now."
"Are you serious?" an off-camera voice asks. Unglert then removed the gum and popped it back into his mouth.
"It's my ear," Unglert says in defense.
Unglert's fans don't seem to be deterred. In fact, his casual treatment of the gum seems to have inspired even more adoration.
"Dean and the gum had me LAUGHING and his reaction to it was the cutest this just reconfirms the fact that he is EVERYTHING," one Twitter user wrote.
Another notes, "True love is watching Dean put gum behind his ear, put it back in his mouth and think it's cute instead of gross."
Even Bachelor Nation had something to say about the gum. Kenny King, who appeared on The Bachelorette with Dean, wrote, "Most of you women would STILL chew that gum from behind @dean_unglert ear. Do not front."
He didn't win Rachel Lindsay's heart — maybe it was the gum habit that did it? The good news, though, is that Dean Unglert will appear on Bachelor In Paradise this August, so the Bachelor franchise isn't through with him just yet. Bring on the gum, Dean.
Watch the full blooper reel, below.
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