Can Someone Please Explain What Is Coming Out Of This Man's Pimple?

Unless you have abnormally high impulse control, chances are you've caved to the temptation of watching a pimple-popping video before. Even when you know you're going to get totally grossed out, the satisfaction of seeing a pimple finally meet its end is just too good to miss out on.
But now, we've found a video that completely crosses the line between satisfying and disgusting. Not that you won't want to watch it anyway. You will.
The YouTube account Dennis Flint Promotions recently posted a one-minute, 39-second clip of a man squeezing god knows what out of a gigantic pimple right next to his ear, Women's Health reports. In fact, we're not even sure if you could call that thing a pimple. It is not your typical zit.
The video starts off with him squeezing the furious bump, which looks almost like an extra ear in and of itself, commenting, "it hurts like f*cking hell." It hurts just as much to watch as he puts a finger on either side of it and squeezes it gently. It barely takes any pressure for pus to start spurting out. We have no clue how that much fluid could have gotten into someone's face (or someone's entire body, for that matter).
"Ow! There she goes," he yells as it erupts like a volcano. Then he squeezes it more, says "ugh, disgusting" with a perverse laugh, and lets it sit there, just oozing out of the side of his face. "Nasty stuff," he concludes, in a statement no one can disagree with.
And then there's more! To make matters worse, he calls for his "Nana" to come see.
The video ends as he's squeezing more and more of it out, and you're left caught between hating yourself for watching the whole video and wanting to see this endeavor through to completion. What happens to the rest of the pimple?! Does it ever empty itself or are its contents actually limitless? That creature has a life of its own.
But in all seriousness, as Women's Health points out, this is not actually funny. It seems like the kind of skin issue that should probably be checked out. And not just by Nana, who we sincerely hope never had to witness this gruesome scene.

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