Sophie Turner Has Some Thoughts On The Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen Alliance

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After last week's dramatic Game of Thrones, fans saw Jon Snow (Kit Harington) leave Winterfell to his half-sister, Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner). It was a surprising move, but while Sansa seemed pretty proud to step up at the wall, viewers could sense some trepidation for everyone involved when Snow left to rendezvous with Daenerys Targaryen.
During a panel at Comic-Con, Turner addressed the tension that many fans noticed between Sansa and Jon, saying that she thinks things with Dany will be smooth sailing as long as Sansa manages to keep control of the North. After everything that happened to her at King's Landing, it would make sense that Sansa feels safest at Winterfell. Plus, she's got a connection to it that Jon and Dany really don't.
"I don't know how Sansa feels about Daenerys getting closer and closer. I think Sansa — as long as she has power over Winterfell, that's the struggle that she's dealing with at the moment," Sophie said, according to E! News. "As long as Daenerys doesn't interfere with that, she's happy because Winterfell is her home. It's like her haven. That's kind of her baby and that's what she's looking to look after at the moment."
Turner also said that she feels Sansa won't back down from a challenge, even with dragons involved. According to Turner, if Dany threatens the North, there will be retribution.
"If Daenerys threatens that, she's gonna come at her with wolves," Turner said. "Not that they'd beat dragons. That's optimistic."
Viewers will have to wait and see whether or not Sansa and Dany even survive long enough to meet one another. But there's no doubt that when it does happen, it'll be an epic moment, dragons or not.
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