Henry Cavill's Mustache Is Causing Major Issues For Justice League

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The new Justice League posters may lack a certain Man of Steel, but have no doubt, Superman will be in DC's answer to Marvel's Avengers franchise. But not all is well in the world of Justice League. Not only did the film lose its director, Zack Snyder, Variety is reporting that Henry Cavill's mustache, which he grew for his role in Mission: Impossible 6, is making for some very expensive reshoots.
Thanks to some very inopportune scheduling, Justice League is currently undergoing reshoots, which requires Cavill to be on set as Superman. That's not a huge deal, except that his M:I6 contract, set by Paramount, forbids him from shaving off his mustache. Plus, filming for the Tom Cruise-fronted series hasn't finished yet, so Cavill is pulling double duty, jetting back and forth between the sets, and causing a stir with that facial hair.
As moviegoers know, Superman doesn't have a mustache. Thankfully, the magic of CGI is allowing Cavill to play both Superman and his still-unannounced role in Mission Impossible. Warner Bros. will just have to digitally erase the errant mustache in every single frame of the reshot material. That can't be an easy task for anyone, but continuity in facial hair must be observed.
Moviegoers also know that some of DC's past films haven't been super-strong. Thankfully, the reshoots, helmed by newly appointed director Joss Whedon, are focused on "[punching] up the dialogue." So, fans can expect a little more fun when Justice League arrives in theaters.

Moustache Pro Tip #76: Play lots of cards. You have a built-in poker face. #Trustache #MI6

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Plus, it appears that Cavill has grown quite attached to his new pal, flaunting it all over his Instagram account with hashtags like #cookieduster and #trustache while offering up "mustache pro tips." So, anyone excited to check out Justice League should keep an eye focused squarely on Cavill's stiff upper lip. Not for its British heritage, but for the handiwork of a very talented post-production team.
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