Chris Noth Says The Mr. Big Story Is Over

Photo: Everett.
Fans may love re-watching the epic Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big romance over and over, but actor Chris Noth says that any chance of that story continuing is slim. Us Weekly reports that Noth thinks there's nothing left to tell when it comes to Mr. Big.
"I feel like we told that story," told Us Weekly. "I don't think there's anything left for me to say about that. I want to tell other stories."
Noth explained that he's very appreciative of fans' undying devotion, especially when it comes to his character. However, he says that after all the ups, downs, that wedding fiasco, and everything that happened with that shoe closet, there's nothing more to be said.
So while he didn't exactly just crush all those Sex and the City sequel dreams, he certainly can't see what else there is to say about Big and Carrie. After all, he offered the Manolo, she said yes, and they seemed pretty cozy in that apartment together.
"I accept it. I may not understand it but I accept it. I think they just love the fashion," Noth said of fans' continued fascination with Mr. Big. "The thing that I don't understand is the idea of Mr. Big because — he wasn't the guy that got away. They were always dance partners. Sometimes, they went away for a little while and she had a bunch of other guys and he got married."
Apologies to the fans that want to see more of Mr. Big, because Mr. Big himself is very much satisfied with how things worked out. For his part, Noth has definitely moved on, with roles in CBS' The Good Wife and a new movie about the Unabomber on the slate. That's about as far as it gets from the debonaire John Preston.
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